[an error occurred while processing this directive] Web Controlled Radio

The following functions are available from the keypad: Up/Dn (via rocker pad), Band, mode (with use of F key - press F wait 3 seconds then press band) and Dual.

Click here if you do not see a Windows NetMeeting black box above the keypad
Click on the Call my TH-D7 button. To input a frequency type it in the box below, use the format 144.000. This must include all 6 digits with a "dot" in the middle, or use the drop down menu to enter area freqs. Keep in mind this station (KD6VYV-7) is located in Gilroy, CA - Garlic Capital of the world. Please do not click the submit buttons if you are not listening and seeing the radio, someone else may be using the radio. You will not know this until you connect with NetMeeting.

Input a frequency here with the format 144.000 or select from the following list:

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