Kenwood TH-D7E European General model only. These models were restricted to 144-146 & 430-440 RX/TX with no 118Mhz band RX. They will have diode config under #9.

See this link for mods for other models

With this Mod your radio will have the full range of TX & RX at 136-173.995, 400-479.995 & 118Mhz Rx

See a web page that describes this in German

Please Note: These modifications are for the TH-D7E, NOT the D7A.

Note the following modification involves merely cutting the green wire on the European General models (excluding Denmark or UK).

I have not attempted a modification on the TH-D7E, as I own a TH-D7A. I take no responsibility in the accuracy of the procedure shown below. If you do not feel comfortable taking appart your radio, you should not be performing this procedure.

1. Using Kenwoods program, download allsing Kenwoods program, download all saved settings from your radio. (All settings will be erased on power up after this mod)
2. Remove battery, antenna and freq/volume control knobs.
3. Loosen both fasteners from the antenna base and the freq/volume
control shaft.
4. Remove the four screws that secure the back of the radio.
5. Pull the top plastic piece with the Led's off the top of the radio.
6. Gently pull on the rubber gasket that goes around the top of the
7. Pull the bottom of the radio appart gently.Note: There will still
 be a ribbon cable connecting both parts (see picture). Since the European model only requires cutting the green wire (if diode D508 is missing) you may not need to remove the ribon cable (step #8).

8. Optional: - Pull the brown part of the ribbon cable connector upwards using  your fingernail or small screwdriver. This will release the ribbon cable.

9. Locate the green wire. Under the green wire there are three small
 diodes in a neat row (they should have a miniature A on them if
 your eyesight  your eyesight is good). Diode D508 should already be gone. Using wire cutters, cut or remove the green wire shown in the pictures above and below.

10.  Put the radio back together in the reverse order it was taken appart.

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