Mod for Radios other than US-Canada and European General Models

The following document will help you modify your radio to one of several types. Care must be taken that the modification is reversible. Some functions may be particular to your country such as offset, default step, etc. Some of these functions may not be listed in this document, and may be unexpected. I recomend restricting modifications for the following countries to:

European UK - Europe Expanded Reception UK

Denmark - Denmark Expanded Reception

Overseas General - Overseas General Expanded Reception

Australia - Australia's automatic offset and default step falls in line with USA and Canadian models. If you were to follow my mod for the TH-D7A, this would add some functions like Call channel and Skycomand that are not present with the E models. I suggest reading the Diodes Config page as well as my TH-D7A mods page.

China - You are on your own. China has specific offsets that are not similar to any other country available as a modification.

Taiwan - Unkown if European or USA mod will be best.

For all above mods see the Diode Configuration page. p://">Diode Configuration page.