This is Kenwoods response to seeing information about the green jumper wire modifications posted on the HT-APRS Special Interest Group

Subject: [htaprs] Green Jumper Wire/ Modifications
Date: Tue, 02 Feb 1999 10:25:25 -0800
From: Kenwood <>

Note to the group. Requests for MARS/CAP (Military Amateur Radio
Service/Civil Air Patrol) modifications or other modifications are
available from your local dealer. Please inquire with the dealer that you
purchased it from. Kenwood has distributed such information to the dealer

Reading such posts here on the net makes me a bit nervous and would not
want to see some of your radios in for repair because of modification
attempts. So, please do yourself a favor, check with your local dealer
that you bought the TH-D7A radio from for information. Proper proot the TH-D7A radio from for information. Proper proof of
permits may be required. You can also fax or send a copy of your MARS/CAP
permits and your request to Kenwood Customer Care 310-537-8235 to receive
such information.