Setting up GPS for the TH-D7

These GPS screen shots were taken from a Garmin GPS III. Some GPS devices allow for two way NEMA transmission. The Garmin GPSII+, GPSIII, GPSIII+, and the EMap are known to be capable of thid the EMap are known to be capable of this function. The GPS will send position data, as well as receive waypoint data for every heard station. This way stations received on the TH-D7 are shown on the GPS screen as waypoints. These waypoints are displayed with a small square symbol. The symbols for each station can be edited with the GPS. In the picture below (left), you can see that I selected the symbol for a Tower for a digipeater (marked 6BIV-3), and a car for well, a car. Note that only the last six characters of the station will be shown on the GPS screen. Also note that the Garmin GPS III+ and the E-Map has much more detailed map info, if you buy the optional map CD (and memory card for the E-Map. The Garmin GPS III's mapdata is stored in read only memory, and cannot be updated like the Garmin GPS III+ and the E-Map. With the 8meg memory card (E-Map only) the E-Map can store 8megs of map data, the GPSIII+ can only store 1.5Megs of map data.