The following is is a bulletin from Kenwood about the firmware upgrade that is available for units sold before Feb, 1999. Units with s/n of 011xxxxx and higher have the new firmware installed. It is important to note that the firmware only corrects three problems:

1. Should make the TH-D7 compatible with most GPS's that have a NMEA output

2. Will allow you to read temp from WX stations below 0 Fahrenheit

3. Will allow a comma in the Status Text of APRS menu (not command sentence)

I applaud Kenwood in making these changes that were suggested by their customers, but I do intend to wait for a more thorough update before sending my radio in.

Service Bulletin Amateur Radio Division
Subject: TH-D7A FIRMWARE UPGRADE Date: February 24, 1999
The firmware in the TH-D7A can be upATION:
The firmware in the TH-D7A can be upgraded to allow the following features and functions:
In GPS mode, recognize latitude and longitude to the “ten-thousandths” of a decimal place (4-digit
precision). Currently it reads to the “hundredth” position. In GPS mode, recognize negative temperatures such as - 20 degrees Fahrenheit. Allow a comma to be used in the middle of a Command Sentence. The original firmware recognizes a comma as the end of a sentence.
Send your TH-D7A to Kenwood Svc Ctr West for firmware upgrade. There is no need to call for an appointment or return authorization.

Kenwood Svc Ctr West
13030 Alondra Blvd. #104
Cerritos, CA. 90701-2257
(562) 483-8740
Mon. – Friday 9:00AM – 6:00PM PST

At this time, only KSC-West can upgrade the firmware in the TH-D7A since special equipment is
required to perform the work.

This upgrade applies to units with serial number 010xxxxx and below. New firmware was used in
production from 011xxxxx. So that there is no confusion, the following serial numbers have not yet been produced. When they are produced, they will have the new firmware installed.
012xxxxx, 100xxxxx, 101xxxxx, 102xxxxx, ………..
This bulletin only applies t02xxxxx, ………..
This bulletin only applies to TH-D7A transceivers sold in the USA. This information may not be valid for other TH-D7 equipment sold in Europe or other markets.
This upgrade is covered under the 1-year warranty period to the original owner.
(C) Copyright 022299 EWP for Kenwood Service Corporation Printed in U.S.A.
Kenwood Service Corporation 2201 E. Dominguez St. Long Beach, Ca. 90810

One Happy Customers Response:

Subject: [htaprs] Re: TH-D7A Firmware Upgrade Release-U.S.Only
Date: Wed, 10 Mar 1999 15:04:03 -0800
From: Ron Reeves <>

I just received my TH-D7A back from Kenwood. I sent it in UPS Red the same
day the notice for firmware upgrades was announced. I have not checked it
out well enough to know if any other bugs were corrected or exist, but I
did check to see if the GPS input problem was fixed. My GPS-35's now seem
to work with it. The first time I tried the new firmware it did not work.
I put everything down and walked away to think about this. I decided to
try it again and it worked great, NOTHING was changed!

Also, FYI, a signature is required by UPS when you have yours sent back
keep that in mind.

Ron Reeves

Another happy customer:


Another happy customer:

Not sure if this is any indication but my ht was rcvd there on Feb 24
(according to UPS) and was sent back to me on 3/10 (exactly 2 weeks later).
I got it back yesterday 3/15.
My VHF xmtr was down, so it was in for repair; sure that contributed to
the turnaround time. The firmware upgrade was done too, which I appreciated.
No complaints at this end, tho I'de wished I had the UPS number on the
return so I could know where it was.
Since I am using a GPS III, I didn't need the upgrade but good to have it
just in case.
Great to have my data-talkie back.... I missed this thing!
Rich ich