WinRadio in a handheld HT?

During the middle of April a great resource was discovered by a young man in Australia. Darryl Smith, VK2TDS decoded all the commands that the D7 can accept through its serial port. I am talking control here, not the TNC commands. These controls allow the radio to be programmed using Kenwoods freely downloadable software. Since Darryl has decoded these commands for everyone to see, this leads to many, many possibilities. Using the 100 or more commands available, one can control the radio through its PC port usingcontrol the radio through its PC port using serial commands. Almost any function of the radio that can be performed using the THD7's keypad, can be performed with a PC, Basic Stamp, microcontroller etc that is connected to the PC port of the radio.The protocol used to control the TH-D7(G) and TH-D7A can be found here.

Since I wrote my sofware program (shown in the Other Software column) other programmers have far surpassed my program. In fact some have outdone the Kenwood software. One such program that is packed with functions is Link7 by Anthony Praise, WA3HRL. This program does everything the Kenwood software does, but adds packet terminal and different channel sorting functions. All this is packed into a program that less than half a meg! Link7 will work with the TH-D7A/E, the TM-D700 and will eventually work with the TH-D7G. In fact, I have had limited success with it on my TH-D7G. I can enter frequencies with my PC, just can't do a xyz.d7 file. Check it out at .

Other Software


To give you an idea of just some of the possibilities that this protocol makes available, I have written a limited program using Visual Basic. This program should work with Win95,98 and NT. It does show you the potential for radio control programming. The following functions of the TH-D7 are controlled by mouse with this program:

Lamp, Band Toggle, Balance, Frequency of Band A and B, a slow scan spectrum analyzer over any 4 MHz , sig strength indicators for both band a and b, allows manual input of commands, and some more. By the way, this program utilizes a small portion of the 60 commands that were discovered by Darryl Smith, VK2TDS.

This program is in zip format. Unfortunately, it is an absolute hog of a program to download. Once installed the space the program takes in your RAM is very small. Almost all of the space is used by the required dll's. After being unzipped, start the setup program. This will install the program and associated files in the correct places.

When you start the THD7 control program, make sure you select the serial port before you start to play with the controls.

Have fun!

Download (5.0Meg full install program)


The visual basic 5.0 files and source code. You will need Visual Basic v. 5.0 to run or view this smaller program. New! (36K)

The following changes were made vs. version 1:

If you are interested in upgrading, you may be able to use the thd7v2.exe file located with the I think this might work, but I am not positive. Otherwise, you would have to download the entire 5meg program and install this version over the last version.

This and all associated files can be uninstalled later by using the control panel and Add/Remove programs. Select THD7 Control and remove it from your computer if you like.

Kenwood's own Software MD7120.exe New version of kenwoods TH-D7G software MD7G110.exe

Screen Shots of Kenwood's software - View Here!

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