The following was copied from the TAPR APRS-HT Special Interest Group.  Rob Wittner. Rob is developing a Windows CE version of APRS that will run on those super small handheld PC's or HPC's as they are called.

Subject:        Re: APRS for win CE 2.0
From: "Rob Wittner" <>
Date: Tue, 30 Nov 1999 13:56:30 -0500
APRS/CE: Will It Ever Be Released?

Short answer:  Yes!

Long answer:  I've been working diligently trying to get it
ready-for-prime-time.  It was pointed out to me by someone who knows me too
well, that I need to get *something* out there and keep working on refining
it.  In other words, don't wait until it's done to release something, or in
the words of Guy Kawasaki, "Don't Worry, Be Crappy!"  :-)

IMNSHO, what I have completed is far from "crappy", but needs a few things s far from "crappy", but needs a few things
added in order to be "useful".

What's there:
- Win/MacAPRS Map Display (color with rotated text labels, icons, et al)
- Map Zoom/Move ("infinite" zoom levels, quick redraw)
- Station Display
- Icons, Icons, Icons! (Full color with overlays)
- Serial TNC (TNC-2) support
- GPS (NMEA) support

What's not there, but will be before a beta sees the light of day:
- Messaging (This is partially completed.)

What needs to be tweaked, but you won't see:
- APRS Protocol Parser (This is mostly completed, but needs some work.)

What does this mean?  Well...

I keep underestimating the amount of work and/or calendar time it takes to
get this piece or that piece done, and the amount of time that I have to
work on this varies greatly from week to week.  (Yes, I have a life!  :-)

So, instead of saying when I'll have a beta completed, I'll just pop up on
the SIG from time to time with a status report.  When the beta's ready, you
will be the first to know.

Thanks for your patience and words of encouragement along the way.



P.S.  If anyone wants a screenshot or two, e-mail me and I'll get one in
your hands.  Thx.